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These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: ManEx T&C) govern the use of the used car auction website Manheim Express and apply to the legal relationship between the user (hereinafter referred to as the Dealer) and Cox Automotive Remarketing GmbH, Bubenheimer Bann 11, 56070 Koblenz, Germany (ManEx). ManEx’s offer is aimed at commercial used car dealers domiciled in a member state of the European Union (Dealers).


a) These T&C have to be accepted during the initial registration and apply to the legal relationship between the Dealer and ManEx, governing (together with subordinate data protection regulations) the contractual relationship as well as the use of the platform.

ManEx may propose an amendment to these T&Cs or the Price Sheet to the Dealer at any time. The amendment will be proposed to the Dealer in writing no later than 1 month before the proposed effective date. Consent is deemed given if the Dealer does not notify its rejection in writing (for example by email) to ManEx before the proposed effective date of the amendments. If the Dealer does not agree to the amendments, each party has the right to terminate the contract without notice until the proposed effective date of the amendments. The notice proposing the amendments will also set out the right of rejection and the deadline for this as well as the termination option. It will further set out that the amendments to the T&C shall become effective as a result of the Dealer’s non-response.

If the Dealer rejects the amendments, ManEx will generally terminate the contract with the Dealer.

b) With its platform, ManEx provides a marketplace for Dealers’ offers to sell used cars and acts as an intermediary for other related services. ManEx itself does not offer used cars and only provides a few of the services itself. ManEx will not become a contracting party in relation to used cars. In relation to services, ManEx will only become a contracting party where ManEx or no other provider is specified until the services contract is concluded. If ManEx becomes a service partner, any special conditions possibly published for the respective service and, subordinate to these, the T&C for the services, will apply.


a) Only Dealers who have concluded a framework contract for the use of the platform (License Agreement) under application of these T&C are allowed to use the platform. By submitting the registration form, the Dealer makes an offer to conclude this License Agreement (registration). ManEx is free to accept this offer or reject it without giving reasons while complying with the legal requirements.

b) Only commercial car Dealers who have reached legal age, have unlimited legal capacity, and are domiciled in a member state of the European Union are allowed to register and only if they act as an ‘entrepreneur’ in terms of § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB). The Dealer must prove that it is an entrepreneur and expressly declare and prove that it is a vehicle dealer. To provide these proofs, the Dealer shall particularly submit the following with its registration:

o a copy of its business registration, business licenses or similar authorizations as requested by ManEx in the course of the registration,

o for businesspersons and companies registered in the commercial register or a similar central register, an excerpt from the respective register,

o a copy of the ID card of the business owner or, for legal entities, the number of directors, board members or other authorized representatives required to represent the entity,

o when registering on behalf of a legal entity, the proof of the power of representation showing the name of the representative.

ManEx has the right to request certified translations of required foreign language documents from the Dealer. The costs for this must be borne by the Dealer.

Value-added service numbers and PO boxes will not be accepted as a telephone number/address. A valid VAT identification number (VAT ID No.) is required for registration.

c) The data required for registration must be provided completely and correctly and, if there are any changes of any kind, must be updated immediately until accepted by ManEx as well as during the term of the contract. Updates are done in the Dealer account. The Dealer shall indemnify ManEx in full against any damages and claims due to any breach of these obligations. If the data requested during the registration process is not complete or correct, ManEx reserves the right to request the missing data from the Dealer again or to reject the Dealer without giving reasons. If, at any time after registration, it becomes apparent that the Dealer has not fulfilled its obligation to update the data or has not done so in full, ManEx reserves the right to proceed in accordance with the points set out in no. 3 i).

d) ManEx will review the incoming registration of the Dealer on the basis of the information and documents provided as well as other available information (if applicable). ManEx may assign the verification of the registration in whole or in part to third parties. If a registration fee has been agreed, ManEx will not begin reviewing the registration until the registration fee has been paid.

After reviewing the registration, ManEx shall either send the Dealer a confirmation of registration or reject the Dealer’s application to conclude a License Agreement. The License Agreement is concluded upon receipt of the registration confirmation by the Dealer. At the same time, the Dealer receives the access information for its account on the Manheim Express platform.

ManEx reserves the right to grant the Dealer provisional access to the Manheim Express platform on the basis of a mere plausibility check of the registration. The provisional access is limited to a read-only authorization and does not constitute a License Agreement. In particular, the Dealer is not entitled to start or participate in auctions on the basis of the provisional access. ManEx is entitled to impose further restrictions on provisional access at any time. In all other respects, these T&Cs apply accordingly to provisional access. After reviewing the registration, ManEx will either send the Dealer a confirmation of registration or reject the Dealer’s application to conclude a License Agreement. In the event of confirmation of registration, the above paragraph applies. In the event of rejection of the application, the Dealer’s provisional access ends.

The registration of the Dealer does not amount to any statement on whether the registration requirements were actually met or whether they continue to be met during the term of the contract. ManEx may, but does not have to, perform verification and, in justified cases, may suspend the Dealer until the Dealer has resolved the concern.


a) Passwords that enable access to a Dealer account must be kept secret and carefully secured. The Dealer is obliged to inform ManEx immediately when there are any indications that an account might have been compromised by third parties. The Dealer will then change its password immediately. The Dealer is responsible for any actions under its Dealer account occurring with the use of its account data.

b) The Dealer account is not transferable. The Dealer may not assign its rights to third parties or transfer its obligations to third parties (in discharge of its obligations).

c) The use of the platform is subject to sufficient capacities and limited to the scope of the current state of the art. When the platform is used via apps for iOS/iPadOS or Android, the provision of the apps as well as their updates is subject to the provision by the app store provider (Apple or Google) and technically subject to the circumstance that only the current and the directly preceding operating system generation are supported (e.g. when iOS 13 is released, then iOS 12.x and 13.x, but no longer iOS 11.x), to the extent still permitted by the app store providers.

ManEx owes full functionality only when browsers are used that have a market share of at least 20 % in Germany based on the current state of the art of browser technology under the Windows operating system and only 4 weeks after the release of a new browser version at the earliest. In particular, the functionality scope of apps may be limited. Each individual act of use must be carried out personally by natural persons insofar as ManEx does not explicitly provide an application programming interface (API) or an automatic function. Any type of automatic use through screen reader programs is particularly prohibited.

ManEx may temporarily limit services and particularly terminate offers to the extent required with regard to force majeure, capacity limits, server security or to carry out necessary technical measures, for instance in performing maintenance work. Force majeure is an event caused externally by elementary forces of nature or actions of third parties that was unforeseeable by human insight and experience, that cannot be prevented or rendered harmless with economically reasonable means, not even with extreme care, and that also cannot be expected due to its frequency.

In this case, notwithstanding the limitations of liability pursuant to no. 6, ManEx takes the legitimate interests of the Dealers into account. If offers end during the corresponding maintenance activities or during failures, these are terminated without triggering any sale or purchase obligations for Dealers. The selling Dealer will have the possibility to relaunch the offer. Credits will not be issued.

ManEx reserves the right to change the content or the technical specifications of any aspect of the website at ManEx’s own discretion at any time for (in particular, but not limited to) the following purposes:

o software upgrades,
o website content upgrades,
o elimination of malicious content or software,
o adjustments against attacks by third parties,
o improvement of the website’s technical specifications, or
o reasonable changes to the website.

d) The offering Dealer has to ensure at its own responsibility that its contents or its actions on the platform are lawful, that they do not infringe any third party rights, and that they comply with applicable competition laws, information and mandatory disclosure requirements as well as all other regulations.

The Dealer may use contents for its offer that are protected by trademark or copyright law, in particular logos, texts, or photos, where it is in possession of the required rights of use. All rights are required for ManEx to be able to present the contents on the Manheim Express platform, in particular reproduction rights, distribution rights, editing rights, as well the rights to make the contents accessible to the public, including the rights to issue corresponding sublicenses to ManEx. Where the Dealer does not include any identification of the originator in the content itself, it must ensure that the author has waived such origination credit. By transferring the contents to the Manheim Express platform, the Dealer warrants that it is in possession of such a waiver and of the corresponding rights while granting the necessary rights to ManEx. ManEx accepts this by issuing the success message when the download is completed.

e) The Dealer represents that the description of the listed goods describes these goods accurately and completely. In addition, the Dealer shall indemnify ManEx against any claims, losses, and damages in relation to the description of the goods.

The Dealer is prohibited from manipulating any search functions on the platform, for example by improperly inserting trademark names or other search terms in item names, offers, or descriptions.

f) The selling Dealer is able to modify the vehicle description only for as long as the vehicle is not offered in the live auction.

g) Unless otherwise specified by the Dealer, vehicle prices are only valid for the vehicle along with the accessories described, i.e. without any additional price components. Delivery costs are not included.

h) The Dealer is responsible for immediately archiving the information that is viewable and saved on the platform and that it needs for its own purposes, for example for the preservation of evidence, on a storage medium independent of ManEx.

i) ManEx may, as soon as there are any indications of a violation of legal regulations, third party rights, these T&C, or primary or ancillary obligations arising from the License Agreement relationship, take the following measures (by way of example, non-exhaustive), in particular to protect Dealers against fraudulent activities:

o delete contents
o warn Dealers
o delay or suspend the publication of contents
o restrict use
o provisional or temporary suspension
o definitive suspension
o termination with or without notice
In particular, temporary suspensions can already be issued for any initial violation of the provisions in nos. 4) d) to 4) f). The definitive suspension may proceed in case of recurrence if the Dealer does not otherwise provide ManEx with a convincing explanation about how it will ensure compliance with these most important sales principles of the Manheim Express platform. In addition, the corresponding suspension will take place in particular when the Dealer has provided incorrect contact details, transferred its Dealer account, or provided third parties with access to its Dealer account, caused substantial damage to other Dealers or consumers, or repeatedly fails to make payments for auctioned/purchased vehicles.

Notwithstanding the preceding provision as well as the possibility to claim damages, the Dealer is obliged to pay ManEx a contractual penalty of EUR 120 for each case of culpable violation of any of the provisions of nos. 4) d) to 4) f).


a) ManEx shall provide an electronic bidding agent on the auction platform. This bidding agent acts as an automated function so that the Dealer interested in buying is able to enter the maximum price it wishes to bid. After the Dealer has entered the maximum bid, the bidding agent first only bids the minimum price set by the selling Dealer or the price required to outbid the highest bidder until then, in the smallest possible interval, while also taking into account if the highest bidder until then has also entered a higher price through the bidding agent than the one shown on the offer page until then. The bidding agent then monitors the auction and keeps bidding on behalf of the Dealer. When another Dealer makes a higher bid, the bidding agent automatically keeps bidding in the smallest possible intervals. In no event will the bidding agent bid more than the maximum bid set by the Dealer.

It is prohibited for Dealers to manipulate the prices of a vehicle or the bids by using multiple accounts or in collaboration with other Dealers.

b) The willingness to buy a vehicle for the immediate purchase price or any given bid for a vehicle cannot be withdrawn once given, unless such a withdrawal possibility is required to be permitted at law. ManEx does not check any offers, images, texts, contractual clauses or similar elements for their correspondence to reality or their legal validity. This also applies to the vehicle data specified by ManEx that consist of pure database information, which ManEx generally obtains from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (Hellmuth-Hirth-Str.1, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany, registered at the District Court of Stuttgart under HRB 214549) and other comparable information portals and presents these without modifications and without verifying them or comparing them to reality.

c) For a bid to win an auction, it has to be the highest of the auction when the auction ends and fulfill all auction terms, including the ones in the vehicle description. ManEx’s performance obligations in relation to a vehicle sale will end when it sends the email notification with the result of the offer.

ManEx will not be a party to the sales contract and shall particularly not assume any duty to effect compliance with the provisions in d) to g) or to mediate between the Dealers in disputes.

d) The selling Dealer is obliged to offer a sales contract for the purchase of the vehicle in accordance with the conditions of the auction, supplemented by the following transaction terms, to whoever is willing to pay the immediate purchase price or to the highest bidder of an auction that has reached the minimum price immediately and within a maximum of 24 hours (this period is suspended on Sundays and public holidays at the place of the selling Dealer). The buying Dealer is obliged to accept this offer and may only assign its claims to third parties with the consent of the seller. The above duties as well as the resulting following duties do not apply when opposing rights are imposed at law.

The seller shall confirm the sale to the buyer by email or telephone and provide the buyer with further specifications and scheduling suggestions for the pick-up of the vehicle along with the corresponding payment methods. In addition, ManEx will send information both to the seller as well as to the buyer who won the auction.
At the request of the respective other party, each party is obliged to sign a written sales contract about this in accordance with these conditions. The sales contract has to be provided by the party requesting the written sales contract.

The seller may determine the legal details, such as warranties, settlement, payment, transport, and any damage claims, e.g. due to non-acceptance within 72 hours, in its own terms and conditions if these terms and conditions were part of the offer description or if the offer description included a reference to these terms and conditions as well as a possibility to take note of these. The terms and conditions may not contradict the provisions in f) and g) below.

e) The successful buyer shall pay the purchase price to the seller within 72 hours after the contract is concluded in accordance with d). The seller shall issue a proper invoice to the buyer.
If the purchase price is not received within 72 hours, the seller will have the right to withdraw from the sales contract, consider the bid as void, and market the vehicle in other ways.

If the seller demands compensation for damages instead of performance and if the purchased item has not been delivered yet or if the seller takes the purchased item back, it will be entitled to flat-rate compensation of 8 % of the purchase price as damages. The buyer reserves the right to prove lower damages than the aforementioned flat-rate damages. If the seller provides proof of more extensive damages, it shall be entitled to claim these as well.

f) The buyer is always entitled to chose the transport solution brokered by ManEx. The buyer and the seller will also be informed of this by email or telephone after the auction has been completed. Vehicles that are not roadworthy must be marked accordingly by the seller in the description on the auction platform. In addition, the pick-up address must be provided correctly from the start of the auction until it ends. If the vehicle is not delivered using ManEx’s affiliated transport partner, the buyer may pick up the vehicle at the seller’s premises once the purchase price has been paid.

If it is agreed that the buyer will pick up the vehicle, the buyer is obliged to do so no later than 5 days (except Sundays and public holidays at the place of the seller) after the complete purchase price has been paid and received by the seller. If the vehicle is not picked up on time, the seller may charge the buyer EUR 15.00 per day, unless the buyer proves that it is not at fault or that the seller incurred lower costs. The seller is obliged to keep the vehicle ready for collection and transport as agreed with the buyer.
g) If no one has won the auction, the ManEx Trade Desk team can contact the highest bidder and the other bidders who have not reached the minimum price in the bidding phase as well as the seller in order to negotiate the bids for the vehicle. If this results in a willingness to conclude a sales contract, the above provisions in d) to g) will apply accordingly.


a) Several payment methods are available to the Dealer after registration on the Dealer site. Among others, the Dealer may use the services of Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions SPRL/BVBA, Da Vincilaan 3, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium (hereinafter referred to as Ingenico) as a payment method, provided that Ingenico allows this and the Dealer uses one of the payment methods offered by Ingenico.

b) For specific Dealers or groups of Dealers ManEx may exclude or prescribe certain specific modes of payment. ManEx reserves the right to charge a registration fee from specific Dealers or groups of Dealers. The registration fee covers the effort of ManEx in the review of the registration documents. The registration fee is non-refundable. This also applies where the registration is rejected by ManEx or the Dealer withdraws it.

c) The Dealer shall pay ManEx a membership fee. In the case of Ingenico online payment methods or a SEPA direct debit order, this fee will immediately and automatically be processed by Ingenico and/or ManEx and the payment transaction will be triggered automatically.

d) If an immediate purchase is executed or if the buyer has successfully won the auction or after the successful brokerage of the ManEx Trade Desk team, the seller and buyer shall each pay ManEx a buyer and seller fee per each brokered vehicle. These fees are due immediately upon sale/purchase of vehicle. In the case of Ingenico online payment methods or a SEPA direct debit order, this fee will immediately and automatically be processed by Ingenico and/or ManEx and the payment transaction will be triggered automatically.

e) The above fees are calculated as set out in the Price Sheet, the current version of which forms an integral part of these T&Cs and is available at https://www.manheim-express.eu/en-de/prices/. For other services provided by ManEx, the Dealer shall pay the price specified when making use of the services.

f) All prices are subject to statutory value-added tax applicable at the time the service is provided.


a) ManEx is liable for intent and gross negligence by ManEx, its legal representatives, officers, and other agents in accordance with applicable law. The same applies to the assumption of guarantees and any other strict liability as well as claims under the Product Liability Act or any culpable injury to life, limb, or health. ManEx is liable on the merits for any simple negligent breaches of material contractual obligations caused by ManEx, its representatives, officers and simple agents, i.e. obligations, the fulfillment of which the Dealer regularly relies on and should regularly be able to rely on for the proper performance of the contract and the fulfillment of which is indispensable for the achievement of the contractual purpose. In this case, however, the amount is limited to the typically arising and foreseeable damage.

Any further liability of ManEx is excluded. To the extent that ManEx’s liability is excluded or limited, this also applies for the benefit of the personal liability of its legal representatives, officers, and simple agents.
The Dealer shall indemnify ManEx against any claims that other Dealers or other third parties assert against ManEx based on a violation of their rights by offers made or other contents provided by the Dealer or any other use of the Manheim Express platform by the Dealer. This includes any necessary costs for legal defense along with any court and lawyer fees according to the statutory rates. This does not apply to violations of law which the Dealer is not responsible for. In case of any third party claim, the Dealer is obliged to immediately provide ManEx with the complete and true information required for the review of and defense against the claims.

b) The Dealer recognizes that neither ManEx nor its employees or representatives have made any representations or guarantees with regard to the vehicles, unless these were confirmed in writing by the directors of ManEx prior to the action.


The website or parts of the website, including (but not limited to) its text, content, software, graphics, photos, illustrations, artistic designs, names, logos, trademarks, and other material and contents may be protected by copyright law, ancillary copyright law, trademark law, and/or other similar industrial property rights for the benefit of ManEx.
The Dealer shall not receive any rights or licenses in intellectual property rights unless this is absolutely necessary for the intended use of the platform. It is not permitted to copy, reproduce, decompile, download, alter, publish, duplicate or analyze or use parts of the website or their contents in any way in terms of intellectual property rights.


Any notices must be sent by email to the email address specified in the imprint of the Manheim Express platform or an email address provided to the Dealer by ManEx. If an email is not delivered or if there is any other justified need for written communication, notices can also be sent in writing to the specified or last known postal address.


a) Both the Dealer as well as ManEx may terminate the contract within 14 days to the end of the month. The termination notice must be issued in writing. The right to suspend an account remains unaffected by this. A Dealer terminated or suspended by ManEx is not allowed to register again or use other user accounts.

b) The Dealer shall download any required data and contents available in its customer account before the contract expires. ManEx is entitled to delete all data of the Dealer immediately after the termination (end of the contract) becomes effective, unless there are any legal retention obligations.


a) The License Agreement, including these ManEx T&C are governed by German law excluding any conflicts of laws provisions and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

b) The agreed place of jurisdiction is Koblenz, Germany.


If individual parts of the ManEx T&C are in breach of any legal provisions or ineffective due to any other reasons, the buyer is not released from the obligation to accept the purchased goods and comply with the other agreements. If any of the provisions is or becomes ineffective, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

In case of an ineffective provision, the parties are obliged to negotiate an effective and reasonable substitute provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the ineffective provision. The above also applies to any loopholes.


These ManEx T&C are made in the German language. Any translation is for reference only. In the event of conflict, the German language version shall prevail.

Dated: July 2022

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